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Top 3 Advantages of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings:



Pre-engineered steel buildings have huge advantages over wood structure known as “metal” buildings. They are an adaptable, sturdy canvas to create what ever you desire for your space: garage, man cave, distillery, hay storage, covered arena, and even Home. The options are limitless. Here are the top 3:

1. Durability

This is number one for good reason. These buildings are built with the highest quality steel which means they will last and survive in the most extreme conditions. Including heat waves and hard freezes, fire, snow, high winds, and earthquakes. Star Buildings are rated FIRE RESISTANT and NON-COMPUSTIBLE.

2. Value

Yes, pre-engineered steel buildings can carry a high initial investment than wood-structure buildings, yet because of their durability and strong adherence to local building codes they are more easily insurable. So, if your building happens to succumb to damage, it can be covered. Plus, Star Building have a 40-year structural warranty.

3. Customization

You get to choose your dimensions, your colors, and components. It can match your home or be its own statement. It can be finished on the inside to create a cozy living space or it can be a huge open structure where you can ride your horse, park your equipment, or store your crops. Covered porch, windows, skylights, gutters and downspouts, insulation, and so much more.

Owning a prefab steel building has many more benefits beyond those listed here. We would love to answer all your questions, give us a call at (530)524-5198, message us, or email us at

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